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The Minnesota Insurance Claim (MICC) Center staff provides claim assistance to homeowners and commercial property owners. Policyholders buy insurance policies to protect their assets and manage risk in case of accidents or disasters that damage their property and disrupt their income. A typical commercial insurance policy should reimburse business owners for:

  • External and internal building damage
  • Damaged business property
  • Business interruption
  • Repair costs.

MICC works with clients to maximize insurance pay-out. MICC understands bad faith insurance practices and is ready to pursue any and all available remedies on the policyholder's behalf. MICC understands the nuances of professional indemnity policies as well as individual business owner's policies. Assistance is tailored to every individual situation.

We Offer Contingency-Fee Arrangements

Depending on the type of claim and the extent of loss suffered, MICC may offer claims services for fees contingent upon recovery from the insurer. Our prompt and courteous claims service is the cornerstone of our business. Contact Minnesota Insurance Claim Center to work with highly skilled claim professionals.  You can count on MICC if you need assistance with your commercial property claim. MICC offers free initial consultations, in-person appointments, and will travel to your location to meet with you and view the extent of the damage your property has sustained. Please visit the Claim Staff page for more information about experienced professionals at MICC.

Contact MICC at 612-808-6031 to speak to an experienced insurance property claim handler today.

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