Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Minnesota Insurance Claim Center experienced staff provide assistance to policyholders regarding issues of bad faith claims

MICC advises policyholders on the proper steps to take to contest bad faith practices.

An insurance company has many duties to its policyholders. It is required to investigate policyholders' damage, determine whether the damage is covered, and pay the proper value for the damaged property on a timely basis.

However, sometimes insurance companies improperly investigate a loss, drag out the process, determine inadequate value of the damaged property, or even refuse to acknowledge a proper claim at all. This type of behavior is referred to as "bad faith practice."

Unfortunately for policyholders, the laws in Minnesota on bad faith strongly favor insurance companies and do not benefit policyholders sufficiently. The law strictly limits the types of "bad faith" lawsuits that can be filed by policyholders, as well as the amount of damages that can be awarded in the few lawsuits that are allowed to proceed. Although MICC is working to change these laws to better protect policyholders, in the meantime, MICC remains a strong advocate to ensure that insurance companies fairly compensate their policyholders when they submit valid claims. MICC is poised to assist policyholders to avoid delays and pitfalls so that their claims are paid on time. MICC advocates can advise policyholders on the appropriate steps to be taken to properly contest an insurance company's bad faith practices.

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