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A Wide Database of Consultants

Some insurance claims are particularly complex for the policyholders and expensive for the insurance companies. An insurance company’s first concern is mitigating their losses, so policyholders should not expect insurance companies to go out of their way to accommodate their claim.

For the majority of complex claims, the insurer will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the claim in order to prevent any fraudulent claims and will take measures to minimize its own losses. Insurance companies may require the property owner to submit an examination under oath or a recorded statement.

When a policyholder works with MICC from the start, they are ensured that the process of receiving maximum coverage for their losses will go smoothly as possible. MICC is able to investigate, discover, and thoroughly appraise all losses suffered by a policyholder.

Part of the reason MICC is able to thoroughly appraise all losses is because when a claim necessitates it, MICC has a wide network of professional with which it can partner. MICC will hire and partner with the proper consultants, engineers, accountants, contractors, public adjusters or other professionals, in order to ensure that policyholders receive the best compensation possible under their insurance policy.

Following the appraisal process, MICC will file the insurance claim and negotiate with the insurance company on the policyholder’s behalf. As an industry leader, MICC negotiates on equal footing with national insurance companies, in order to effectively advocate for successful claim resolutions.

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Building Business by Referrals
A nationwide network of engineers, public adjusters, contractors, property managers, lawyers, businesses and individuals refer claims to MICC because of our work ethic and strategy of speedy but effective resolution of insurance claims. They rely on the fact that MICC advocates and claim handlers are knowledgeable, aggressive, efficient and talented. There is no claim too small or too large for MICC claim handlers.

MICC can help you through the process:

  • Establish proof of loss
  • Gather relevant and important documents
  • Help prepare claims forms
  • Present repair receipts
  • Prepare written repair estimates
  • Show police reports of accidents
  • Gather complete inventory of loss
  • Catalogue photographs of damaged items and property
  • Complete Personal Property Inventory Forms for submissions


We Offer Contingent Fee Arrangements.

MICC offers its clients the choice of hourly and/or contingent fee arrangements. Our contingent case clients are not charged a fee unless we obtain an award for them. Contact MICC professional claim handlers.
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